Betting Guide

Knowing your way around the ring

The art of betting is as old as racing itself. Read our quick guide to help you get started.

The Tote

There are totepool betting points throughout the racecourse. With the tote, you’re not betting against a bookie; your stake goes into a pool, and like the lottery, your win depends on how many winning tickets there are. Fill in a form with your stake, the type of bet and your horse – minimum bet £2.

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The bookmakers

Bookmakers can be found in the main enclosure. Each bookmaker will advertise the minimum stake they will accept and the odds on each horse.

To place your bet state the amount of your stake, type of bet, name and number of the horse.

On-course betting shop

Racecourse betting shops are similar to high street betting shops in that you can enjoy a variety of different bets at Carlisle or across the country. To place a bet you will need to complete a betting slip with the relevant details.

Top Tip: Never throw away what you might consider a losing bet until the 'weighed in' signal has been given as results can sometimes be amended.

Types of bets

Popular bets are:

Win - You bet on the horse to win the race
Place -You bet on the horse to be placed - first or second in races of five, six or seven runners; first, second or third in races of eight runners or more; first, second, third or fourth in handicaps of sixteen runners or more. An each-way bet on the Tote, as with a bookmaker, is two bets - win and place.

If you’re feeling adventurous the tote also offers the following bets:

Trifecta - You pick three horses to finish first, second and third, in correct order in races of eight runners or more
Jackpot - You pick the winners of the first six races at the designated Jackpot meeting (not Saturdays)
Placepot - You pick horses to be placed in each of the first six races (or to win any race with fewer than five runners)
Swinger – You pick two horses to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any order
Exacta - In races of three or more runners, pick two horses to finish first and second (in correct order)
Super7 – pick five, six or seven winners from the selected races
Quadpot – pick a placed horse in races three, four, five and six

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